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Travel with a car rental in Velingrad


General information about Velingrad

The town of Velingrad is one of the places in Bulgaria where you can spend your spa weekend. Also known as the “Spa capital of Bulgaria” this is an excellent travel destination which is situated 130 km south from Sofia and 80 km away from Plovdiv. If you choose Sofia for starting point for your trip you can book a car from our office at 140 Mimi Balkanska str.

Tourist sightseeing and attractions around Velingrad

– Kleptuza – town park, great place to spend your free time.  There are 2 lakes and lots of cafes.
– Medieval fortress Tsepina – located near Dorkovo village. The fortress became Bulgarian in the 9th century
– Historical Museum – The museum has divisions of Archaeology , Renaissance, Ethnography, Modern and Contemporary History and Art Department.
– The Church “Holy Trinity”
– Around Velingrad there are several protected areas – the reserves “Valyavitsite”, “Rogachitsa”, “Chernovets”.
– The only place in Bulgaria where you can see the plant varbolist ulmaria (Spiraea salicifolia L.) is located in the Tujnik area near to the Dospat River. The plant is in the Red Book of Bulgaria.

SPA Velingrad– Iundola resort is located 16 km from Velingrad to the northwest. The resort has several ski slopes and the snow cover lasts about 80 days per year. From there, you could go hiking to Belmeken peak (2,626 m) in Rila and Chernovets peak (1,834 m) in the Western Rhodopes.
– In the village Pobit stone, 35km away from Velingrad is the rock formation with the same name.
– The Lepenitza cave is located 13 km southwest of Velingrad. It is 1,525 meters long and has galleries on two floors, as well as an underground river and lakes. The cave offers diversity of stalactites and stalagmites, stone curtains, which are reflected in the crystal clear waters of the lake. The treasures of the cave are cave pearls and cave craters are a unique find in Bulgaria.
– Sanctuary Ostrets (1369m altitude). There were found many remains of pottery dating from the late Iron Age (VI – I century BC).
– Dams “Sarnitsa”, “Belmeken”, “Batak”, “Beglika” near Velingrad, which are a favorite destination for both fishermen and those who love mountain tourism.

Seven Rila lakes

LepenitsaVery popular and the most visited lakes in Bulgaria:

– The Tear – 2,535 m
– The Eye – 2,440 m
– The Kidney – 2,282 m
– The Twin – 2,243 m
– The Trefoil – 2,216 m
– The Fish Lake – 2,184 m
– The Lower Lake – 2,095 m

Hotels in Velingrad

The best hotels in Velingrad, according to TripAdvisor: 

– Balneo Complex & Spa Aquatonik
– Royal Spa Hotel
– Hotel Velina
– Maxi Park Hotel & Spa
– Balneo Complex Saint Spas

Car hire in Velingrad

If you plan to visit Velingrad and have not yet booked your car, you can do so by using our reservations form. If you are traveling from Sofia, you can rent your car from our office (140 Mimi Balkanska str.)


CARSSOFIA is specialized in providing low cost car rental service, part of Top Rent A Car Bulgaria – the leading national car rental company. CARSSOFIA service Sofia and Sofia region. We deliver to hotels and addresses in Sofia as well as hotels in Bansko, Borovets, Razlog. Our office is located next to Sofia Airport

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